Vagina health that every woman should observe

Some things women do to their vagina will leave you in awe. It seems most women do not understand what should be done to keep their vagina’s healthy. If you did not know, you are risking a lot for your health by doing all those things to your vagina. To keep the record, here is to vagina health that every woman should observe:

Deal with infections as soon as you notice them

Vaginal infections are common and normal. But if left unchecked, they could turn out to be a health nightmare for you. Since common bacteria and fungi cause them, you can easily treat them with topical or oral medication. Do not sit on these infections; stop them in their tracks with the right medication.


See a gynecologist once a year

I know gynecological visits are not cheap. In fact, these are some of the most expensive health services around the world. But money against your health should not be something you should blink over. You should take your gynae visits very seriously. For a woman who is sexually active within three years or has turned 21 years (whichever comes first) should see a gynae at least once in a year. Smears and check-up are helpful when it comes to detecting infections and early symptoms of cancer. It is from such visits that conditions like cancer have been detected and stopped right in their tracks.

Stop douching

It seems the right thing to douche your vagina (after all, a fresh smelling vagina is good for sex). But did you know this adversely affects your vagina’s PH balance? Unfortunately, it does, and you are doing more harm than good to your vagina. With reduced acidity, it becomes easy for germs and infections to find a way into your vagina.

Use plain water to clean your vagina and it will be perfectly clean. It does not have to smell like roses for you to know your vagina is clean. According to specialists, a little of smell is pretty normal so stop stressing over it (even the male folk should understand this).

Do not sit on strong, strange smell

There are normal vaginal smells, but some are not. If you notice a strange strong smell from your vagina, do not take it as normal. Visit your doctor and have a checkup done. It could be an early sign of bacterial infection such as vaginosis. The sooner you act, the better your chances of staying on top of your vaginal health.


Prefer 100% cotton underwear

If you wear any underwear, you are putting your vagina at a great health risk. Cotton, being natural and light, helps air circulation around your vagina. It also helps with keeping your vaginal region dry. With an adequately aerated and moisture-free environment, it will not be easy to get infections and other health-threatening conditions.

It is not for granted that your pussy is in perfect health. You have to work for it to remain so. Now that your vagina health is cut out for you, it is time you give serious consideration, won’t you?