Three Simple Steps On How To Bleach Your Anus At Home

Anal whitening is a recent cosmetic procedure that has become quite popular. Previously, anal whitening was carried out in salons and spas. However, now it can be performed at home since there are numerous at-home kits to allow those who want to whiten their anal area to do it in the comfort and privacy of their home.


Today, many people are interested in bleaching the anal area to help reduce the embarrassment of a darkened anus, boost confidence as well as their sex appeal. Unfortunately, despite the popularity of anal bleaching, not much has been said about the steps on how to bleach your anus at home. Many companies tend to offer bleaching products but fail to provide a guide on how to actually perform diy anus bleaching at home without compromising your safety.

Steps on how to bleach your anus at home

Step 1: Perform a quick patch test

aas65ashgasasasThe intimate area around the anus is quite sensitive. When choosing an anal whitening product, you probably crosschecked how safe the product is and had a talk with your physician. However, it is always advisable to be extra cautious and leave nothing to chance. Perform a quick patch test of the product on the inside part of your wrist and wait as instructed. This way, you will get to find out early if you are allergic to the product and steer clear of side effects.

Step 2: Prepare the area

Assuming that the quick patch test was a success, you can proceed to prepare the area for whitening. Preparation includes shaving if necessary. When shaving, always be smart and remember to be gentle since anal lightening products should not be applied on broken skin. After shaving, clean the area with warm water, soap, and a soft cloth. Thoroughly sanitize the anal area before bleaching to avoid any infection or complications.

Step 3. Apply the cream/gel

fgassa5sahgasasNow, apply the gel on the pigmented region. The cream/gel should only be used externally and as directed. Rub around the darkened area until all the cream has been completely absorbed by the skin. For optimum results, apply the cream twice a day and make sure to stick to the specific instructions. Also, make sure that you never use the product on the skin that is not in the desired region but only on the darkened skin.

Continue following and repeating the steps on how to bleach your anus at home until you achieve the desired skin tone then stop use.…

Ways On How The Body Heals Itself

The human body is meant to heal itself each day. But to do so, people need to remove any barriers, which are holding them back. For example, most people are not healthy because they eat the right kind of food. Instead, they avoid harming their bodies with some chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In fact, people can be healthy if they wish to, but first by learning how the body heals itself.

How the body heals itself

Healing capacities

Peoplejmktg2e6dy27u28i29o2 should know how their bodies work, so they will be more prepared to take the right decisions, as to enhance both the longevity and quality of lives. The optimum state of function, which is health, is generated by the human organism when it is provided with the requirements of health. In fact, all man can do so, by bringing about conditions within the body that can help it heal itself.

Better quality of life

If people are engaged in regular exercises, like aerobic, running or playing any sports, they can help their body heals itself. This is very important, but they also should get adequate rest and a good night sleep. Moreover, health means that people have the time to enjoy their day, spend time with their family, walk outdoors, as well as to handle any stress situation without flipping out.

Respect the body

The body is designed in a specific way, as to able to heal itself, but it has to be treated with respect. For example, people should always remember that their body is trying to heal itself. If they are wise, they should listen’ to certain cries of their body.


Even if manhnjm2ke52ted6y23e7u82i292y don’t believe it, getting fresh air or drink pure water can make people feel a lot much better. Moreover, they have to spend some time outdoors, to get the appropriate sunshine and avoid the usual environmental stressors, like exposure to dust, chemicals, and noise.

Eat healthy

People need to consume healthy foods. This is necessary to create adequate blood cells. For example, they can consume some omega-3 fatty acids; healthful fats usually come from avocados, coconut, Chia seeds, as well as other similar sources.

When the requirements of health are provided appropriately, the body uses some self-healing mechanisms to restore itself. In fact, the human body can do this, but people need to help their bodies.…

5 Fruits That Reduce High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is a serious health problem. With time it damages blood vessels which lead to kidney disease, heart disease, stroke among other health problem. Sometimes, high blood pressure is referred to as a silent killer because it has no symptoms and if you fail to get your blood pressure checked, it can go unnoticed for years.

The diet plays a major role in lowering blood pressure. According to DASH (Dietary Approaches to stop Hypertension), a person with high blood pressure should take foods that contain high amounts of calcium, magnesium and potassium and reduce the intake of alcohol, sodium fats. The following points out five fruits that will help reduce blood pressure naturally.

Fruits that reduce high blood pressure


Berries especially blueberries contain high amounts of flavonoids. According to study, consuming these compounds helps to reduce blood pressure. You can easily add strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in your diet. Put them in your morning cereal or keep then frozen for a healthy and quick dessert.


Eating a banana is way better than taking a potassium supplement. They contain high amounts of potassium which is essential in lowering blood pressure. Slice a banana for breakfast or carry one to work for a healthy and inexpensive snack.


Kiwi fruits are packed with essential nutrients, and they are low in calories. The health benefits of kiwi fruits include maintaining healthy skin, preventing stroke and heart disease. Also, due to their high content of potassium, kiwi negate the effect of sodium in the body hence lowering blood pressure.


Avocado is anjmkned6te6dy272u2o29other great fruit that reduces blood pressure due to its high concentration of potassium. Potassium is also vital for other reasons including keeping the nerves and muscles working as well as regulating heartbeat. Also, the green part under the peel contains high amounts of carotenoids; disease-fighting compounds.

You should eat at least half an avocado and peel it well so as not to lose the green part along the skin. However, be careful not to eat too much because they contain high amounts of calories.


The effectiveness of peaches in lowering blood pressure cannot be matched. They contain rare ions which not only lower blood pressure in the long run but also show immediate changes in the levels of blood pressure. According to research, a drop in blood pressure is noticed only a few hours after consuming peach. They are unique in their action.

You can also enjoy peach juice which enhances mood but unsweetened pieces of the fruit also works well.…